Goodness: ‘To value moral excellence and/or a high degree of competence.’

In my life, I’ve often focused on ‘being good’. Sometimes it was because I was trying to please. I wanted, needed, to be ‘good’. Score a 10. Exhausting.

There’s another kind of Goodness. The nourishing kind, running like a beautiful gold thread through my life. It’s the Goodness that sits in your heart. It feels expanding, lights up your actions, is aligned with your values. It’s Personal Goodness.

I care about moving things into action. Sure, it’s important to start pondering change. Then, to talk about it. But we shouldn’t forget to move ourselves into embodying that change. To, if you really care about something, find opportunities to start living in alignment with it.

Goodness, of course, is what you consider to be good. My Goodness might not be your Goodness. Goodness might not be perfect; a forever work in progress. That’s okay.

I care about trees. I never intended to, but then I moved to a cottage in the forest and I developed such a deep love for trees that I wanted to protect them. Which is why, when I wrote On My Way Home, I couldn't print it on tree-paper. It wasn’t in line with my Goodness. So, I made it my mission to find something else. Which turned out to be Paperwise, who turn agrowaste into paper.

When your Personal Goodness aligns with someone else’s Goodness: oh, that feels special! Powerful. Freeing. Expanding.

Last weekend, that happened again. We planted trees in East Sussex, by invitation of Conscious Landscape. Please… check out their work. Investigate it, try to understand it. It is inspiring and it feels Good... They taught me so much, yet probably still so little, about how to create ecologically rich, biodiverse, and productive landscapes.

And the act of planting trees… it is a wholesome experience. Something about a fragile small tree makes me want to take care of it, make sure it is in a safe environment, protected, healthy and alive for longer than I’ll ever live. Thank you Conscious Landscape for this beautiful experience.

What's one thing you could do today, to tap into your Personal Goodness?

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