Sacred Guiding Principles

Sacred Guiding Principles

In my creative pursuits, I make sacred agreements with myself. I find that intentionally committing to a practice helps me maintain focus and overcome creative blockages. These agreements are sacred because I will not break them, knowing that they serve not only me but also the highest good of everything and everyone involved. Thus, I live by them day after day, until I apply the final brushstroke and write the last word on paper.

Commitment and Self-Care

I am committed to my artistic journey and prioritise it, even if it means making sacrifices in other areas of my life. I understand that this path may present challenges or emotions that can lead me astray, but I trust that returning to my creative practice is of utmost importance. This commitment not only serves my artistry but also nurtures my mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Nurturing Fulfilment

By consistently nurturing my creative spirit, I cultivate a sense of inner fulfilment and balance. I understand that even during moments of doubt or distractions, it is through the act of returning to my artistic practice that I reconnect with my truest self and find solace, inspiration, and growth. Each time I come back to my creative sanctuary, I reaffirm my dedication to my artistic journey and the transformative power it holds for my overall wellbeing.

Higher Guidance

I create a sacred space within myself to access my inner wisdom and allow the guidance of a higher presence to flow through me. In this state of connection, I release doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs, opening myself to the limitless possibilities of the universe. By nurturing this connection, I tap into a wellspring of creativity, allowing it to guide and shape my artistic expression with authenticity and purpose.


I honour my unique journey and originality, refraining from comparing my work to others’. I consciously choose to cultivate self-compassion and embrace my own artistic path – seeking to create a feeling of unity through art.


I recognise the importance of vulnerability in sharing my creations. Embracing courage, I step out of my comfort zone, knowing that my true voice will resonate with those who are meant to be touched by it.


With a deep sense of trust, I invite others into my creative world, allowing their support and encouragement to nourish my growth and confidence. In this nurturing space, I find the freedom to express myself authentically, knowing that my community stands by me.

Abundance and Integrity

I embrace the flow of divine abundance in my artistic journey. Money is a form of energy and a tool that enables me to sustain my artistic practice and contribute to the greater good. I approach financial matters with integrity, gratitude, and a deep understanding that abundance flows to me as I align my creative work with the highest good of all. I use money to support my artistic endeavours, nurture my growth, and create positive impact in the world. 

Surrendering to Timing

I trust that the universe unfolds my artistic journey at the perfect pace and in the most opportune moments. I find solace in the process itself, allowing my art to evolve organically, untethered by external expectations.

Curiosity and Exploration

I embrace curiosity and explore different techniques and inspirations, finding magic and joy in the process.

Equal Collaboration

I believe in equal collaboration, recognising that everyone’s unique role contributes to my artistic journey.

Sustainable Practices

I prioritise using sustainable materials and adopting practices that respect and preserve the environment, ensuring that my work does not harm the Earth.

Creating for Future Generations

I am committed to creating art that serves the next seven generations to come. I consider the long-term impact and the legacy of my artistic creations, aiming to leave a positive and meaningful mark for future generations to appreciate and cherish.






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