Earth Painting: Sgòr Gaoith

Earth Painting: Sgòr Gaoith

If you love Scotland, then you'll love this Earth Painting...

Every time I gaze upon the small pieces of granite and quartz in this Earth Painting, I think of the first snowflakes delicately descending onto a mountain peak.

Perhaps that's no coincidence, given that its raw material — granite and quartz — has been intentionally collected by my dearest Huub at an altitude of 1200m in the Cairngorms in Scotland during the ascent of Sgòr Gaoith, one of the most beautiful Munros offering stunning views of Loch Einich.

The Earth Painting, titled 'Sgòr Gaoith,' measuring 55.5 x 55.5cm, is a heavily textural creation on handmade denim canvas, as always crafted via an entirely natural process—no chemicals involved.

The way I see it: each and every detail, including all those little quartz and granite snowflakes, is a reflection of the serene beauty right there in the heart of Scotland.

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