Earth Painting Elements

Earth Painting Elements

Like photographs, Earth Paintings capture the Earth as it is by means of pigmentation and texture. In my creative practice, I am dedicated to creating Earth Paintings in the most sustainable way to honour their name.

Ochre pigments from Luberon, France


Natural and Local Pigments

I work with natural materials, using pigments derived from rocks, minerals, ashes, sand, soil... These are sourced through a process which I later explain as Intentional Sourcing—a conscious approach that respects the environment and our role as guardians of Earth.

Reclaimed Wood Frames

The frames of my artwork are crafted from reclaimed wood. They may be curved and chipped, which, in my eyes, only adds character. As for the picture frames, I source them from local businesses that operate ethically, locally, and respect the environment.

Recycled Denim Jeans and Handmade Paper

To prevent denim jeans from ending up in landfills, I use them to create my canvases. These jeans are obtained through my network or from shops like the British Red Cross, with a focus on local sourcing. Additionally, the mini polyptych artworks are made from recycled handmade paper.


I have made a conscious decision to avoid using chemicals like varnish spray. Although my mind may desire to maximise the longevity of an Earth Painting and preserve it in time, I acknowledge that nature operates differently. Nature evolves, erodes, and lives, and my Earth Paintings reflect that natural process.


I use an ecological glue in my liquid paint mixture. However, I am constantly experimenting with other environmentally-friendly products to further enhance the naturalness of the process. -



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