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On my way home is my debut illustrated collection of poetry. In 192 pages I openheartedly share my journey towards my true self. A journey of dark and light. With contemplations such as: 'Why am I here? Is this home? Can I let go? Can I be me? Do I love me?' Insights show up in poetry, prose, nature photography, illustrations and self-portraits. A unique and profound insight into the life, mind and eyes of an artist.

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earth paintings

Earth paintings are odes to earth; letters of love and gratitude. They invite us to pause, reflect and connect with our planet; to rediscover this precious place we call home.

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limited edition: giclée prints

13 giclée prints (reproductions) on bamboo paper exploring the concept of home

  • women

    we're a female-led business and through our artwork, we passionately and creatively help drive action to advance the rights of women and girls everywhere

  • nature

    with everything we create, we respectfully and lovingly work with nature instead of against it. We believe in nature-friendly solutions wherever we go, whatever we do

  • small businesses

    in the world of creative entrepreneurs and artists, the 'I see you and therefore I support/buy you' is not only encouraging; it is a stimulus for more art and creativity

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