Intuition and Trust:

The way I look at nature now, through the lens of Earth Painting, is profound and deep, filled with utter fascination and appreciation for the land we call home. Holding that history in my hands is indescribable. And that might just be what I like most about Earth Painting: the process.

I am not in charge. I am a steward, a guide, of the process. Intuitively, I listen, read, and align myself with what’s happening in front of me. I tune into the pigments and help them exist on this foreign material. I don’t fully understand what I do, yet I do it. As I move along with the pigments, I don’t feel like I’m behind the steering wheel of this process. My hands simply move along.

That doesn’t mean my ego never enters the process; oh no. At times, I ‘want to’ make something a certain way, but then the pigments won’t let me. It is not up to me but up to Earth. And so, the pigments surprise me—colour-wise, shape-wise, texture-wise. I never know what the result will be, but I trust in the process. Intuition and trust are the cornerstones of Earth Painting.


Baptising the canvas in Cairngorms, Scotland, 2023. 


Baptising denim canvases

Baptising the handmade denim canvases has become a personal and meaningful ritual in my artistic practice. It’s a moment of connection with nature, allowing the canvas to absorb the essence of the surrounding environment.

Before I start Earth Painting, I take the newly sewn canvas to a local stream or other water source. With intuition as my guide, I find the perfect spot and immerse the cloth in the water, gently swaying it from side to side. In that serene moment, I whisper words of gratitude and express my joy to Earth, acknowledging its abundance. This ritual marks the initiation of a new and beautiful Earth Painting journey.


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