book launch 'on my way home'

My dearest friends.

Wow, what an evening... So much love. Togetherness. Joy. It was pure magic. Thursday, the 8th of December 2022, is a date I will never forget: book launch day!

I felt proud, sharing my book with you at the Dominicanen church in Maastricht. It truly warmed my heart seeing all your faces. Friends, family, (ex) colleagues... thank you for coming from far and wide. A deep word of gratitude to Dyanne Sleijpen too, host of the evening, conducting the interview and guiding the evening in exactly the right way. Asking questions like, "Elise, where have you been all this time?!" (🫣🤭🙈) and "Which moment in this book journey won't you ever forget?" Being there, launching my book with you, of course. Taking in, really taking in, what it means to be a woman that self-publishes a book, being supported by men whilst doing it. This time it definitely sounded like the penny splashed (loudly!) into the well.

I was deeply moved when Dyanne sang her acoustic version of 'Something inside so strong' by Labi Siffre. I chose this song because it has magically popped up in my life whilst writing this book, motivating me at just the right times to push through. Hearing it again last Thursday brought me back to those difficult moments writing my book. Only now these words didn't reach my heart as words of motivation, but as words of affirmation. Oh yes, something inside SO strong! 

It was a dream: to read the passages of my book out loud at the heavenly setting of Dominicanen church (oh, how much I loved that guys 🙈🥰). Between hundreds of books, all of us together at the altar... The full moon peaking through the glass-stained windows, candles shimmering next to white wildflowers and red tulips (from Pluukz ❤️) and my precious collection of stones and wood. It was perfect. Thank you to the entire team of Dominicanen church for welcoming us into your palace with open arms, for assisting me to realise the vision I had in mind and for the champagne moment!

As a gift to myself and to you, I've asked photographer Jonathan Vos to capture this special evening. Thanks to him, we can now relive this special night once again, down below. Please feel free to share any of these photographs if you want to. 

Thank you, once again, from the bottom of my heart, for being a part of my journey!

If you're curious to read my book - please click here to buy a signed copy of 'on my way home'.

If you've read the book, please share with me how you feel about it via instagram (@elisecrutzen) or send me an email via

Sending you love,

xx Elise. 





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