My journey into Earth Painting began in 2018, when I was 27 years old, after years of deep inner growth, a career and home change, and while I was writing my first poetry book. Through this process, I developed a profound desire to live in harmony with my true self and nature.

Living in a cottage in Windsor forest, surrounded by wildlife and old trees, I was subconsciously shaped in the way I existed in the world. As I stood in an art store, I felt dizzy. I experienced a strong disconnect. And so, I left the store without making any purchases. When I arrived home and greeted the forest, I felt a mix of despair and wonder. It was at that moment that I realised: I can create my own paint.

From that moment on, everything changed. The process of turning rocks and minerals into paint felt absolutely right. I felt so in tune with the Earth. This was like alchemy and a profound way to align my art with the naturalness I sought. The process profoundly connected me with the present moment, with where I was. It opened my eyes and healed my heart, while leading me to a deeper sense of connection and belonging (“home”) that I had never felt before.

From the very beginning, I was compelled to approach things differently. I started questioning the use of tap water, the necessity of chemical varnish, the habit of buying new things, and began experimenting with alternative methods. Having witnessed the effects of waste and exploitation during my previous career in fashion, I felt a strong desire to make my art as sustainable as possible. This led me to explore new ways of creating and connecting with my art.

Then, I enrolled in a training program called Holistic Visions, where I learned indigenous ways of seeing, being, and acting in the world. I integrated these teachings into my art practice, embracing a more holistic and interconnected approach.

Grounding and Healing Power

Earth Painting has had an indescribable impact on me. It has required me to let go of many things and grow in numerous ways. The process grounds me, relaxes me, brings me into a meditative focus, and allows for deep reflection on my experiences and travels. 

Meanwhile, I feel connected to the vastness of time and existence. It’s like time travel, and helps me appreciate the longevity and richness of my life in contrast to the age of these pigments. 

Talking about imperfection. I am learning to release the grip of perfectionism and find beauty in the unexpected through Earth Painting. I let myself be guided by all that is in front of me and become a conductor for the orchestra of ingredients. Gold.

But above all, Earth Painting helps me to see and exist in this world in such a deeply connected way. Each new artwork is, in fact, an investigation into new layers of understanding the sheer power, vastness, and beauty of the planet I inhabit.

xx Elise.