Hello, my name is Elise Crutzen, and I am grateful to meet you here.

I am an artist specialising in Earth Painting and writing poetry and prose, as nature and self-reflection deeply fascinate me. The two are interconnected for me, as I always experience nature having such a profound impact on me; on helping me be the purest version of who I can be.

I live in England, in a beautiful Victorian cottage in Windsor Forest. Even though I was born in Maastricht (NL) and lived in Madrid for a while, I have chosen to live here, surrounded by my world of inspiration, in a peaceful and tranquil setting living at the right 'slower' pace for me and my art practice, together with my partner Huub and Beagle dog Elly.

My Earth Paintings are abstract, richly textured and completely natural, celebrating the beauty of Earth as she is. Each individual Earth Painting is unique because of its local pigments, and I consider it my highest duty to display them on canvases the way they are; naturally and without (chemical) manipulation - which is why they infuse such serenity, calmness and purity into interiors, because that is what nature does.

In addition to my passion for Earth Painting, I'm a writer. I deeply enjoy putting pen to paper to reflect on everything I see and think about. In 2022, I released my first illustrated poetry collection titled 'On My Way Home', and in it, I did exactly that: sharing with you the journey of dark and light that I've been on, to get closer to the heart of who I am. Currently, I am working on my second book, set to be released in 2024.

On this website, you'll see my two loves combined - writing and Earth Painting - in the journals titled 'As I See It', as I often feel a natural inclination to share what I see in this world, and I believe it is one of my gifts to give to you. I truly hope my creative work, vision and way of being in this world inspire you in whichever way is possible.

Thank you for being here with me.

With love,


Studies & Work

I hold an MA in 'Communication of Fashion and Beauty' from VOGUE Spain, and a BSc in European Studies with a specialisation in Communication Management. In addition to being an artist and writer, I work as a corporate storyteller, focusing on stories about diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities.